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Chief Dream Chaser Aimee J. brings you the people you never knew you needed to meet. Aimee talks to fellow dream chasers who share the story of their chase, the lessons they've learned, and have a good time doing it. Aimee wants people to live without regret because life is short. You need to make moves, take a chance, and chase your dreams.
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May 22, 2019

To continue highlighting Mental Health Awareness Month, today’s show shines the spotlight on someone who is truly making a difference in the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health of many, many people. Her mission field is the homeless population, those to whom she refers as the “hopeful.” Her unselfishness and compassion are evident in the way she cares for the underserved and needy with her unique brand of fierce love.

Cynthia Brinkley Scott is the founder and organizer of Love the HopeFul, an organization that provides for the homeless, or “hopeful.” The mission is to give back to the community, including providing a free Farmer’s Market for the homeless on the third Saturday of each month. The market offers fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, bottled water, baked goods, haircuts, books, and more----all for free. In this episode, we talk about how this mission came about and how Cynthia became involved with what has become her life’s passion.

Be grateful for everything

Do you believe that the impossible is possible? Cynthia has seen miracle after miracle in securing food and goods for the homeless. She secured a partnership with Costco through a friend, and she was blown away with the volume of donated goods. She says she would’ve been happy with a case of water, but she received cartload upon cartload of goods. Cynthia operates on the principle that if you’re grateful for everything, then God will bless you in abundance, and this mantra has proven itself true over and over again. Now, she is usually able to bless up to 8 organizations in one day, just from what they receive in donated goods from Costco.


TWEET: My life purpose is to motivate and inspire people of all languages all over the world. #chasingdreams

Motivating and inspiring people

Are you still chasing the dreams you had when you were 18? Most of us have big changes to our dreams since the age of 18---but not Cynthia. When she was 18, she wrote out her life’s desire, which was to motivate and inspire people all over the world--people of all languages. This has become her mission and purpose statement, and she has always been geared toward giving back. When she prayed for God to help her, He said, “When you need help, go help someone else.” This has become another mantra by which she lives day to day. She shares about an intense personal crisis that resulted in many tears, which Cynthia views as a way to water the path to her future. 

TWEET: Love always comes first. #chasingdreams

Find a better word

Have you thought much about the negative words we use every day? Cynthia refuses to call the homeless anything but “hopeful,” because it’s her nature to always try to think of a more positive word for negative things. She says there is always a “better word” we can use. The word “hopeful” provides Cynthia with many opportunities to give back to the community. In our everyday life, we can flip the negative connotation to a positive perspective---and make a huge difference.

TWEET: Who are you gonna call: 1-800-FEAR or 1-800-FAITH? #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take: “Be open and receptive to the plan God has for you.”


  • [:33] How Cynthia and I were introduced
  • [3:15] Cynthia’s partnership with Costco
  • [5:25] Cynthia’s early life and dreams
  • [6:29] Giving back with your life purpose
  • [8:39] A personal crisis that turned it all around
  • [14:05] 1000 pairs of shoes
  • [16:42] Who are YOU gonna call?
  • [17:40] With God, all things are possible
  • [20:25] Why Cynthia calls the homeless the “hopeful”
  • [23:20] Changing negative connotations
  • [25:38] The point of no return
  • [30:09] Seeing the need and doing something
  • [33:17] How Cynthia believed and took action
  • [37:45] Growing and making a difference
  • [40:03] ONE action for a dream chaser


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TWEET: I’m so honored and blessed to have a partnership with Costco for the work we do every day. #chasingdreams

TWEET: God is our president, chairman, and CEO. I’m just the organizer. #chasingdreams

May 15, 2019

How can your example of chasing your dreams help someone else? It all comes down to the motivation we feel when we see someone else overcome challenges and succeed. My guest is here to tell us why the world needs YOUR success!

Jonathan Jones is a social entrepreneur, best-selling author, and TEDx speaker. Jonathan serves and supports students and millennial entrepreneurs who believe in self-investing, monetizing their message, and leaving a legacy. He has been featured on CBS News and has spoken to thousands of students ranging from elementary school to college. Jonathan is the host of the Speak Your Success podcast and the author of Process: 14 Surprisingly Simple Behaviors to Skyrocket Millennials to Success.

Dream it and obtain it!

Are your dreams unreachable? Jonathan would absolutely say NO! His message to students is, “If your dream is big enough for you to dream it, then there’s a way for you to obtain it!” He teaches that God doesn’t give us dreams and desires without the abilities AND capabilities to walk them out. Sometimes we have to remove the fears and the people who hold us back (sometimes that can be our parents!) so we can get to the other side of what God has for us.

TWEET: “If your dream is big enough for you to dream, then there’s a way for you to obtain it!” @jonathanjSpeaks #chasingdreams

Tell your story

Can your success give hope and confidence to others? Jonathan says that there are millions of people who need to see your victory. Hearing your story gives other people courage, and living in your victory helps others chase their dreams. This is why social media has the far-reaching impact that it does, and why people watch so many motivational videos. People want to feel good and be on the winning team. When they see other people achieve, they want to emulate and follow their example. Bare your soul and help others learn from you.

TWEET: “There are millions of people who need to see your victory.” @jonathanjSpeaks #chasingdreams

Try new things

Are you afraid to try new things? Some people live in constant fear of the unknown, so they never take the risk to try something new. When you try new things, you’re forced to cancel out the fear that holds you back in doing something unknown that might turn out to be a great opportunity. Figure out what you’re good at, and keep yourself exposed to the ideas you have about new things and the future, even if they aren’t grandiose ambitions. Jonathan says that even a small dream is worth pursuing!

TWEET: “Even a small dream is a dream worth pursuing.” @jonathanjSpeaks #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take: “Take ONE step toward your goal today. Write it down because you’re more likely to achieve it that way.”


  • [:28] How Jonathan and I connected on social media
  • [1:45] Why Jonathan decided to be a motivational speaker
  • [3:40] Dream it and obtain it
  • [6:12] How mental health can be affected by fear
  • [7:12] Why others need to see your victory
  • [9:47] People want you to succeed
  • [11:52] Why people get caught up in social media and living other people’s lives
  • [16:26] Missing the moment
  • [18:50] How living in comparisons affects your mental health
  • [23:45] How we can slow the growth of cyberbullying
  • [27:49] The potential of new opportunities
  • [30:56] Even small dreams are worth pursuing
  • [33:14] Is it YOUR dream?
  • [37:14] What to do if you’re unsure or overwhelmed
  • [40:07] ONE action for a dream chaser


Jonathan on Facebook

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Jonathan on YouTube

Jonathan’s Website


Find my behind-the-scenes interview with Jonathan:   


Process: 14 Surprisingly Simple Behaviors to Skyrocket Millennials to Success by Jonathan Jones


TWEET: Your purpose is sometimes found on the other side of fear. @jonathanjSpeaks #chasingdreams

TWEET: I was a problem-solver at a young age for all my friends. @jonathanjSpeaks #chasingdreams

TWEET: Motivational speaking was never my goal, but impacting students has been a long-term goal. @jonathanjSpeaks #chasingdreams

TWEET: Find the spots of light that you can shine on yourself. @jonathanjSpeaks #chasingdreams

TWEET: Time is more valuable than money, especially when it’s time poured into a youth. @jonathanjSpeaks #chasingdreams


May 8, 2019

Many of us battle with anxiety and its symptoms, but what’s most important is how we respond, and how we learn to cope. Do you use anxiety as an excuse for all the things you can’t do? Today’s guest shares his personal story with vulnerability, openness, and honesty about how he’s refused to let anxiety stop him! In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, my little brother is here, hoping his experiences can help others. 

Royce M is a 2nd-year seminarian at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in Yonkers, NY. Royce received his undergraduate degree in Information Systems at the University of Maryland, University College, (UMUC). Originally from the DC/Maryland/Virginia area, Royce has always been involved in church youth activities. In his free time, Royce likes to run and play sports, and he loves anything related to technology. Royce has always valued stepping out of his comfort zone, stepping into his fear, and working hard to conquer it.

Childhood struggles

Did you have any challenges to overcome in childhood? When Royce was just a baby, his parents noticed that he was growing at an unusually fast rate for his age. Doctors suspected a brain tumor, but further tests revealed a huge blood clot that was pressing on his pituitary gland, affecting his growth. After corrective surgery, Royce led a fairly normal life, but he had to wear glasses, worked slower in school than others, and was diagnosed with ADHD. These difficulties led to intense bullying in elementary school, which took a lot of effort to get through, with the help of a few close friends who helped create a safe space for Royce.

TWEET: There’s no other way to say it but that being bullied sucks. #chasingdreams

Hats off to guidance counselors!

Have you thanked a guidance counselor today? Probably not. Their work in schools is vitally important, but it’s a thankless job in many cases. When Royce saw his school guidance counselor, she was able to help him significantly. She had a toy dragon that she encouraged Royce to tell about his thoughts and feelings. She taught him that it was OK to feel his feelings and that he wasn’t alone. Ironically, on Royce’s regular summer trips to India, he met a dog that became his buddy---the one he could tell his thoughts and feelings. This practice (and it was the same dog year after year) helped Royce “clear the slate” each summer to prepare for a new school year when he returned to the US. 

TWEET: Finding a way to share your thoughts and feelings can help clear your mind and prepare you for bigger things. #chasingdreams

Learning to ask for help

How good are you at asking for help? Most of us are reluctant to admit that we need help, and sometimes we don’t know who to ask. Royce was motivated to finish his bachelor’s degree, even though it took several years of going down a crazy path. He had the dream of going to seminary but knew it couldn’t happen until he finished his undergrad degree. The game changer for Royce was admitting that he needed help and being willing to ask for it. He took proactive steps in seeing the doctor about his ADHD and asking the college guidance counselor about available accommodations because of his diagnosis. The bottom line is that everything improved for Royce when he asked for the help he needed.

TWEET: When you recognize that you need help and ask for the help you need, your life will dramatically improve. #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Ask yourself if you would still love what you do, whether or not you struggled to do it.”


  • [:15] Royce’s childhood surgery
  • [2:50] Being held back
  • [5:27] Royce’s experience with being bullied
  • [8:35] The benefit of having a safe space
  • [10:02] How Royce addressed his ADHD
  • [16:05] Why Royce went off his ADHD medication
  • [17:59] Middle school: the peak of bullying and ADHD symptoms
  • [25:15] How high school was different because of a mindset shift
  • [29:05} An unconventional path in college
  • [31:24] Why Royce had to leave college
  • [37:00] Royce’s passion for going to seminary
  • [40:35] Royce’s fears that were in his head
  • [46:09] Where Royce is today
  • [49:15] Royce’s battle wounds
  • [50:35] ONE action for a dream chaser


Find the Behind-the-Scenes interview for more with Royce!  

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TWEET: Getting off the ADHD meds was like having withdrawals from a drug. #chasingdreams

TWEET: We all go through some kind of struggle, so we have to accept it and ask for help. #chasingdreams

TWEET: The first step was admitting that I needed help---and that was the hardest part. #chasingdreams

May 1, 2019

Sometimes chasing your dream requires you to walk away from the path you thought was laid out before you and make a leap and take a risk. If you allow others to tell you what’s right for your life, then chances are that you’ll encounter anxiety. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re talking to someone who has learned how to find peace and purpose in life.

Jake Heilbrunn is a TEDx speaker and bestselling author of Off the Beaten Trail, endorsed by multiple NYT bestsellers. He has spoken across the US and internationally to 12,000+ people about replacing anxiety with purpose and creating a career you love. He is the co-founder of The Idea Collective, which helps thought leaders get their message out through speaking engagements and TEDx talks.

Conquering anxiety

When do you experience anxiety? When Jake went to college at age 18, he broke out with hives and rashes due to severe anxiety. Doctors couldn’t help, and he became depressed and questioned everything about his life. Jake left school with a backpack and flew to Guatemala, where he taught English and lived in the jungle for several months. When he learned mindfulness, meditation, peace, and purpose, he experienced a 180-degree shift. He soon learned that many young people are battling anxiety, so Jake felt the calling to help others through his speaking opportunities and writing his book.

TWEET: Anxiety was debilitating, so once I found out what helped mine, I knew I could help others with the same thing. #chasingdreams

Social media

How much time do you spend on social media each day? Statistics show that American teenagers spend an average of 4 hours daily on social media! It’s the place where dangerous comparisons are made, and each one of us can play a part in changing the narrative. Social media can be used for good, but we all fall into the trap of viewing others’ lives as “perfect,” because of the selective glimpses we get. We have to remember that we see what people want us to see, and much of it isn’t real. We can see the same post as thousands of people, but we may have a different perception. Jake explains how our brains can be changed because of the influence of social media.

TWEET: Social media plays a huge role in the lives of American teenagers, and it is changing their brains. #chasingdreams

Taking a leap

How do you know which path to follow? Jake didn’t know what career path he would follow after college, but he saw someone’s Instagram post about a meaningful trip to Mexico, and he decided to pay $1000 for a trip. Jake says the trip “called out to me.” As if the universe reinforced his decision, he won $1000 in an unrelated book marketing contest the next day. On his trip to Guatemala, he met the person who later became his business partner. Sometime later, they started The Idea Collective to help people develop TEDx talks. Their company has grown to a team of 13 people.

TWEET: Knowing you’re not alone means everything. #chasingdreams


  • [1:03] What’s happened since Jake’s last appearance
  • [2:58] Jake’s journey to mental health
  • [5:23] How Jake’s perception has changed
  • [10:53] Positivity that can be negative
  • [12:56] What influences you the most
  • [16:05] Jake’s company and his role
  • [24:31] Following a gut instinct
  • [28:56] A place of positivity



Jake is previously featured on Episode 63

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Jake’s TEDx--How to Replace Anxiety with Purpose

Jake’s Jack Canfield Interview

Jake’s Behind-the-Scenes interview


TWEET: I felt a calling to help others come through anxiety and find their purpose. #chasingdreams

TWEET: Not knowing what you want to do is OK. #chasingdreams

TWEET: One of our core values is radical transparency. #chasingdreams


Apr 24, 2019

Sometimes all it takes are the right words from the right person to boost your courage and give you permission to take radical steps. Such is the experience of today’s guest, a dream chaser whose path has been anything but ordinary.

Diana Cheruvil is a dynamic and goofy human whose life has been a series of fortunate events. She’s passionate about connecting with people, understanding global perspectives with a focus on local community, and striving for the greater good. She loves to build and nurture relationships in ways that bring others’ most authentic selves to the forefront. Diana’s career spans 12 years of diverse communications and marketing experience that has taken her from Detroit to NYC to South America, and back to Detroit. She has an insatiable appetite for travel, loves her super cool friends and family, gives great hugs, and has very nice hair.

Following the shiny, bright object

When do you know it’s time to pivot? For Diana, it was clear. She studied pharmacy at the University of Michigan, and even though she loved the subject area, her heart was not into the academics. It was clear that a pivot was in order, and her parents made the decision for her to leave college and come home. Knowing this experience would NOT be the one to stop her, she explored, settling on communications and marketing for her next endeavor. For her, living and working in NYC was always the “shiny, bright object at the end of the tunnel,” so she ran toward it.

TWEET: If you fail, you fail - but fail forward. #chasingdreams

Taking a chance

Is it WHAT you know, or WHO you know? Diana moved to NYC (kinda on a whim), and her dreams became a reality. She says we need to realize that we don’t always have to follow a conventional path when it comes to jobs. Often it comes down to the connections you make that can be the most powerful and most impactful. Being backed by people who support you and believe in you makes ALL the difference. Creating strong relationships can help you get to where you’re going. 

TWEET: “It is NEVER too late. There is so much benefit in taking a leap because you never know what will happen.” #chasingdreams

What Diana learned from NYC and South America

Can you look back at steps in your life and recount the lessons learned? Diana had many lessons to learn as she worked her way up from an intern to be the head of a department. She learned that one person CAN change things and make a big difference. Spending almost 10 years in NYC left her stagnant and tired, and she was dissatisfied and burned out. Her dad advised her to have courage and be bold enough to give herself permission to change her life---so she did. She spent time in South America teaching English and traveling around. This time helped her change her perspective to one of desiring a simpler life and realizing that she is capable of SO much more than what she ever imagined. 

TWEET: It’s never about what you know, but it’s about the connections you make. #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”It is NEVER too late. There is so much benefit in taking a leap because you never know what will happen.”


  • [:38] What young Diana wanted to be
  • [3:24] Diverse career paths
  • [5:53] Diana’s adventures on the way to NYC
  • [9:00] Taking a chance
  • [9:44] The connections you make
  • [10:41] NYC: everything she wanted it to be
  • [13:44] What NYC taught Diana
  • [19:15] Advice from her dad
  • [20:41] Where you find joy
  • [23:24] How doors open
  • [26:16] How parents don’t always make it easy
  • [27:03] Taking the leap to South America
  • [28:58] Rejuvenated and evolved
  • [31:23] A simple story that’s not simple
  • [32:58] How people thought Diana was crazy
  • [35:10] Not allowing others’ opinions to stop her
  • [37:52] Diana today: in a season of growth
  • [38:42] ONE action for a dream chaser


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TWEET: I have a real appreciation for the things that really matter, and they aren’t fame or money. #chasingdreams

TWEET: I tried to identify where I find joy because that was what was lacking for me. #chasingdreams

Apr 17, 2019

Can a young person be the voice of motivation and empowerment in chasing dreams? Yes! Join me for an inspiring conversation with a dream chaser who is already making an impact and helping others find their purpose.

Marcus Roberts-DeLoach is a 22-year-old young adult empowerment writer, speaker, business owner, and radio talk program host from Philadelphia, PA. He is a former full-time student-athlete at Ohio State University-Lima and will soon be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. Marcus is the author of Bigger Than You: What is Your Purpose? Through his work, he expresses how important it is to help others live a purposeful life. He is a firm believer that current situations don’t define final destinations. His advice to people is never to let people tell you what you can’t do or that your dreams are impossible to achieve. Marcus believes that putting in the work makes anything possible for anyone. His vision goes far behind himself, and he believes that empowering other people is the key to truly changing the world.

Finding his gifts

What are your gifts? Marcus always knew that his gifts were basketball, talking to people, and making them smile. He started out in athletic training, then moved to business, and later on to communications. Early on, Marcus developed the mindset that he wanted to own his own business, and he knew the sky would be the limit if he concentrated on growing a better version of himself. It didn’t take long for Marcus to turn into a personal development guru because he knew it would be the key to a better future.

TWEET: Building your dream is hard, but being broke is also hard. @IamMarcusRD #chasingdreams

Finding a balance

Is everything more difficult when you’re young? Not really, but finding a balance in life and finding yourself can be more challenging when you’re young. Marcus admits that his concentration is not as good because he feels “all over the place.” He realized that he had to commit to his dream with consistency and learn to say NO to some people. The average 22-year-old isn’t doing the things that Marcus is. He looks forward to what his decisions will look like at age 25, 30, 35, 40--and so on.

TWEET: Average people wait, and winners create. @IamMarcusRD #chasingdreams

Finding mentors

If you don’t have a starting point, how do you figure out your gifts? Marcus says the first step is to find a mentor. Find someone whom you want to be like. We usually frown upon copying what someone else is doing, but it’s not wrong to copy someone else if you are molding and growing yourself. Two mentors that Marcus learns from every day are Jim Rohn and Steve Harvey. 

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Nothing is as hard as it seems. You can apply that to anything.”



  • [:09] Marcus’ accomplishments and young dreams
  • [2:50] Discovering gifts
  • [6:23] Finding the balance
  • [9:41] Passions, gifts, and purpose
  • [11:45] How to figure out your gifts
  • [14:15] The reception to Marcus’ book
  • [16:21] What’s next for Marcus?
  • [18:40] Why people struggle with chasing their dreams
  • [20:45] Why people are happy when they find their gift
  • [22:55] Why it’s important to see others chase their dreams
  • ]25:59] Marcus’ mentors
  • [28:54] Age is just a number
  • [30:52] ONE action for a dream chaser



Marcus on Facebook

Marcus on Twitter

Marcus on Instagram

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TWEET: The average 22-year-old isn’t interested in the same things as I am. @IamMarcusRD #chasingdreams

TWEET: The key to a better future for me is me. @IamMarcusRD #chasingdreams 

TWEET: A few years ago, my only focus was to go to college and play basketball. @IamMarcusRD #chasingdreams

TWEET: Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in a small space. @IamMarcusRD #chasingdreams



Apr 10, 2019

Who doesn’t love a good story? Whether you’re reading, watching, or listening---you can be drawn in before you realize it. My guest today knows the power and magic of storytelling---and he’s sharing some of his secrets with us.


Shannon Cason has told stories all over the country with The Moth, Snap Judgment, and his own podcasts, Homemade Stories, and The Trouble. He is the chief educator for the Brutally Honest Storytelling Workshop Series and has worked with several companies, including WBEZ, WDET, and Spotify. He is originally from Detroit, and he’s gracious enough to come on the show to share his knowledge and experience as a dream chaser.


The magic of storytelling


Can you feel it? I’m talking about the moment when you hear a story, and you know whether someone is “putting on a performance,” using a gimmick, or being honest and open. The first thing Shannon noticed about storytellers is that people are drawn to you when you’re authentic and are yourself, especially when polarizing issues are involved. People simply relate more to truth and real life, and we’re drawn to that in stories because it allows us to see ourselves in the story or the experience. That’s the magic of storytelling. 


TWEET: People are drawn to stories because it allows us to see ourselves in the experience. #chasingdreams


Why podcasting?


Have you ever had money that burned a hole in your pocket? Shannon’s first iPhone came as the result of a gambling windfall, and he started listening to podcasts. He had the great idea to mix his love of storytelling with developing his own podcast. He wasn’t satisfied to just “talk,” but wanted full-fledged productions with music and sound effects. Never thinking of this creative endeavor--or any artistic effort--as something that could sustain him financially, he realized that there would be no other job that would bring him as much fulfillment as telling stories and that he could make a living while sharing his stories and chasing his dreams.


TWEET: No other job could bring as much fulfillment as telling stories and chasing his dreams. #chasingdreams


Finding YOUR voice


In storytelling or podcasting, how do you find YOUR voice? You may start out by following and imitating someone else, but Shannon says you have to evolve from that beginning and add your unique style. The beautiful part is when you figure things out and find YOUR voice. You can watch and learn from others, but then put the content through your own filter of truth and authenticity. Find something that isn’t what everyone else is doing. 


TWEET: You have to find your own voice. #chasingdreams


Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Find an example of who you’d like to be and backtrack that example to see where they started. Seeing where they came from should inspire you.”


See the behind-the-scenes interview with Shannon for more!





  • [:10] How Shannon and I met in 2016
  • [1:25] What captured Shannon about storytelling
  • [2:50] How storytelling is brutally honest and refreshing
  • [6:58] Shannon’s storytelling aspirations
  • [9:05] From storytelling to podcasting
  • [11:20] Feeling financial pressures and fears
  • [13:50] If people didn’t pursue their higher calling
  • [17:00] Why we “trap” ourselves into living others’ lifestyles
  • [21:19] “Outside the box” thinking
  • [22:54] How Shannon put his own spin on his work
  • [25:15] How his children are following in his footsteps
  • [29:13] One surprising outcome
  • [31:49] What’s coming up next for Shannon
  • [33:16] ONE action for a dream chaser


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Apr 3, 2019

Can you still chase your dreams if you aren’t sure about how to move forward? Yes! Today’s guest shares his personal experience with learning to be still and focus on the next step.

Brian Drury is a return guest from Episode 44. We’re checking in with Brian to see what’s new in his life and his dream chase. He’s the founder of Overcoming Graduation, the creator and host of the Overcoming Graduation podcast, a professional speaker, coach, and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, The First Step. Through his work, he helps teach young adults everything he wished he had known about habits and mindset to help them create their dream lives, starting today. One of Brian’s recent speeches went viral and has reached over 14.7 million people around the world, and is now featured as one of Goalcast’s Top Inspiring Videos. Brian also has a passion for travel; he speaks three languages, taught himself to speak Portuguese in just seven months, and has traveled to 17 different countries around the world. Brian wants everyone, young and old, to realize that their dream life is within their reach if they are willing to think differently and take action.

Focus on the next small step

Do you always know the next step to take? No, there are times when you are in a place of uncertainty. You don’t always have clarity and focus on the next step to take, but you have to move forward in incremental steps to reach bigger goals down the road. Brian hasn’t always had the clarity in business and personal relationships for achieving the success he wanted. He says that even “on the path to somewhere,” you have to be able to find joy along the way. “Life won’t be sunshine and rainbows every single day.”

TWEET: You know if you explode and blow up, it’s not going to bring the results you are looking for. @overcominggrad #chasingdreams

Learning to live in “the medium”

Do you live in extremes? Brian admits that living in extremes has been his norm, but he is learning to stay in a healthier, happier “medium.” Even though he teaches self-care, he has had to discipline himself to keep up with that care every day, especially when the stress and busy-ness of life get in the way. Living in “the medium” has helped him take full responsibility in his identity and prompted an honest conversation with his father, which was a big emotional release.

TWEET: I’ve lived in extremes for most of my life. @overcominggrad #chasingdreams

Enjoy today - and tomorrow

Is your inner child still there? Brian says we need to be playful and embrace our inner child, but we need moderation in healthy areas and honesty in communication and relationships. We need to cut out bad habits and embrace healthy ones so that we can enjoy the next day in the same way as today. Brian lives by a quote from author Aubrey Marcus: “Don’t enjoy today at the expense of tomorrow.” Brian says we need to make time to play, have fun, and live in the moment.

TWEET: Having a coach and mentor has changed my life drastically. @overcominggrad #chasingdreams

See the behind-the-scenes interview with Brian for more!



  • [:22] How Brian is still chasing his dreams
  • [2:02] Being in a different place
  • [5:38] Focus on the next step
  • [9:55] Having it “all figured out” is inauthentic
  • [16:14] Learning to take full responsibility
  • [20:54] Easy to say, harder to do
  • [23:56] How removing the consequences eliminates negative self-talk
  • [31:36] The value of what you loved to do as a kid
  • [34:22] What Brian learned last year
  • [35:38] The dangers of social media assumptions
  • [39:52] How we “dress up” our dreams with destination fallacies
  • [45:22] Your own definition of truth
  • [47:32] Slowing down to enjoy the NOW



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TWEET: We often default to the struggles that are given to us instead of choosing our struggle. @overcominggrad #chasingdreams

TWEET: Society glorifies behaviors that are unhealthy for us. @overcominggrad #chasingdreams

TWEET: Taking full responsibility means you will take action to improve your life and not blame others.  @overcominggrad #chasingdreams


Mar 27, 2019

Do you root for the underdog? My guest today pulls for the underdogs of the podcast world---the small, independent podcasters who don’t grab the big sponsorships. Let’s find out what she’s about and how she has made her place in the podcasting arena.

Jessica Kupferman is an internet and digital marketing pioneer who helps content creators grow and monetize a loyal, rabid fan base through understanding connection and the power of influence. She has worked on branding and messaging for large corporations such as Comcast, Subaru, as well as with hundreds of bloggers, podcasters, and online entrepreneurs by teaching personality-driven social media and sales strategies. Jessica is the co-host and co-founder of the She Podcasts brand, which currently supports over 10,000 female podcasters, and has a digital marketing reach of over 50,000 content creators. She started a podcast advertising agency, JK Media Agency in 2015, and then sold it in 2017 to pursue her passion for helping independent podcasters to create connection and step into their influence. Currently, Jessica is the head of marketing for Rebel Base Media and loves helping their members prepare for success in podcasting. She’s a busy lady, and I’m happy to welcome Jessica to the show!

Creating an authentic organization for women

Can men be part of She Podcasts? The answer is no. The group remains loyal to maintaining an authentic organization for women podcasters---a place of familiarity and comfort where women can be themselves. Jessica wants it to be a safe space of relaxation and feels that allowing men to join would take away from that. Even though men have asked to join, she says, “If we let one, then we’d have to let them all!” Every other podcast group out there is available for men to join, so this one will stay different and unique. Jessica’s background in the corporate world was always in jobs in heavily male-dominated fields, so she’s happy to have founded and to be a part of something that offers exclusive support to women.

TWEET: Your legacy won’t be your body of work but will be how you make people feel. @jesskupferman

Why you can’t advocate for every cause

Do you champion the causes you believe in? Most of us love being the advocate and the voice for the things we feel strongly about. The problem is that so many try to champion EVERY cause. You can’t advocate for everything, because you’ll exhaust yourself, and trying to defend every cause makes you a vague person who seems like they don’t know what they really stand for. Wanting to help is NOT enough, because there has to be a connection and a personal incentive. Be who you are.

TWEET: You can’t be an advocate for everything all the time. @jesskupferman

Focus on the individual

Would you sacrifice to help “the little guy”? Jessica really wanted to help small shows monetize their podcasts, but she needed to prove that to her advertisers. Today, she teaches with the Podcast Success Academy and focuses on teaching podcasters how to pitch, grow, and market their podcasts. Jessica shares how she was willing to make sacrifices and changes, which were prompted by the loss of her daughter, a pivotal point in Jessica’s life. She says we need to learn to ask the right questions to figure out who we are.

TWEET: When you die, you take with you the memories of how you made other people feel. @jesskupferman


  • [:25] Starting an organization and seeing organic growth
  • [3:37] No men allowed
  • [5:20] An environment of safety and inclusion
  • [7:05] Jessica’s work in the corporate world
  • [9:43] “Know, relate, understand, and respect”
  • [14:37] The pressure to advocate for EVERYTHING
  • [16:35] Don’t try to champion every cause
  • [18:25] The dangers of social media
  • [22:15] Why Jessica wanted to focus on “the little guy”
  • [24:25] Making sacrifices and changes
  • [28:07] Making sense of the loss of a loved one
  • [30:25] Learning to pivot as you age
  • [37:45] Jessica’s impact: having a good time

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TWEET: Support the things that mean something to you. Don’t champion every cause. @jesskupferman

TWEET: The key is not figuring out what I’m supposed to do, but who I’m supposed to be. @jesskupferman

TWEET: In podcasting, I want to help women who aren’t like me and might be too timid to ask questions. @jesskupferman


Mar 20, 2019

With the prevalence of blended families today, being a stepparent is rarely thought of in a positive light. The truth is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Hold your skepticism until you hear what today’s guest has to say about blended families thriving and creating an atmosphere of love and mutual respect. 

Tuniscia Okeke is the author of Empowered Stepmother. In this book, she invites stepmothers on a transformational journey of self-empowerment to regain their voices and discover their identity in a blended family dynamic. The family vlog “Tea with Tuniscia O” gives a candid look inside the love and connection shared between Tuniscia and her stepson, Ike. The vlog journals their family’s victories and strategies to co-parent successfully with Ike’s biological mother. Tuniscia is an avid reader whose most creative thoughts occur while she’s in “couch potato mode.” As a wife and mother of three children, two of whom are adults, Tuniscia’s most cherished moments are family time together at home or on vacation. 

Tuniscia’s path

Were you a stepchild? Tuniscia was---and then she became a teenage mother at age 18, and then again at age 19. As the mother of two little ones, life hit her hard and fast, and she had to grow up quickly. She became a paralegal for a while and then bought her first house at age 24, an achievement that was unusual in her family. Even though Tuniscia had to be a working mom, she always had a job that was near her children. Looking back today, Tuniscia realizes that her leadership qualities were unique for one so young, and others saw that in her also.

TWEET: Too many times, stepmothers want to battle with the biological mother to see who’s more important. @blendingourlove #chasingdreams

Becoming a stepmother

Does anyone ever aspire to be a stepparent? The answer is probably a NO for most of us. Tuniscia never wanted this role, until she met her future husband, who happened to be the father of an 18-month-old son. It didn't take long for Tuniscia to fall in love with the father AND son, knowing that she wanted to be a positive influence in little Ike's life. Surprisingly, the foreword to Tuniscia's book is written by none other than Danielle, Ike's biological mother. She outlines how Tuniscia has helped her with the struggles to love and accept herself to be a better mom. Today, Tuniscia is Danielle's life coach, helping her rebuild and reinforce her beautiful bond with her son. The book came about as the guide Tuniscia wished she'd had when she went through the darkest days of her struggle in the role of stepmother. 

TWEET: I am not his biological mom, but I don’t use the word “step.” I’m here to help. @blendingourlove #chasingdreams

Being free to love

Have you thought about how a child feels when stepparents don't get along? Tuniscia's stepson, Ike, recently told her his wish that all stepchildren everywhere could be free to love their families as they want. He knows what it's like to feel like a caged animal, unable to love all the people in your life as you wish. Parents don't realize how this dilemma can stifle a child. Tuniscia's message is that blended families can thrive and find common ground.

TWEET: I knew there was something special that other people saw in me.  @blendingourlove #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Follow your gut. Know your WHY--it’s the only thing that will propel you.”


  • [:30] How Tuniscia and I met at a local networking event
  • [3:30] Tuniscia’s positive personality after many years of pretending
  • [3:40] Tuniscia's path to responsibility and leadership
  • [10:08] Making choices based on the hand you’re dealt
  • [11:06] Becoming a stepmother
  • [13:05] The Foreword of Tuniscia’s book 
  • [17:12] A positive spin on blended families
  • [23:10] Why people find themselves in places where they can’t chase their dreams
  • [28:32] The narrative around blended families
  • [30:07] The ripple effect
  • [32:03] Why Tuniscia invited Ike’s biological mom to join them on vacation
  • [35:05] What it means to be an empowered stepmother
  • [37:05] ONE action for a dream chaser



Empowered Stepmother by Tuniscia Okeke

Tuniscia on Facebook

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Tuniscia’s Website



TWEET: Celebrate your small victories. @blendingourlove #chasingdreams

TWEET: Being a stepmom makes you vulnerable because you’re not expected to succeed. @blendingourlove #chasingdreams

TWEET: As a teenage mother, life was served to me quite quickly. @blendingourlove #chasingdreams



Mar 18, 2019

Hey Dream Chaser, 

Myself and the Chasing Dreams podcast is raising money to keep the podcast going for an additional twelve (12) months. This is a bonus episode to talk about the future of Chasing Dreams, why we're doing a fundraiser, and how you can help.

Thanks for all of your support. I wouldn't here without it.

Keep Chasing,

Aimee J.


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Mar 13, 2019

In honor of women’s history month, today’s guest is here to teach us to stop listening to the voices of other people! They force us to do or be certain things that aren’t authentic with who we are. It’s only when we get real about who we are and why we are here in this world----and listen to the voices within us---that we can truly function with compassion and self-love.

Akosua Dardaine Edwards is happy to share the lessons she has learned on her journey, based on the foundation of self-love and self-belief. Akosua loves working on the ground level with people of all ages, seeing the transformation firsthand. She is an author, TED talk speaker, and a fantastic truth-speaker. I’m thrilled to meet up with my new friend Akosua today and introduce her to you!

YOU have a story to tell

Have you ever felt alone and like a failure? Akosua was going through a rough patch in life, and her definition of success was linked to material things and a certain lifestyle. When she “lost it all,” in the human sense, she was left with just herself---a situation that she found difficult to navigate. To deal with this, she ran away to Uganda. It was there that she realized who she really was and why she was here. This led her to the realization that we all have a story to tell, which became the basis for her wildly inspirational TED talk, “There is power in your story.”


TWEET: At the end of it all, WE have to define what makes us joyful. #chasingdreams @akosuadedwards


“Not enoughness”


Have you encountered those moments of “not enoughness?” Fighting against it takes work every day, doing the work faithfully, and being courageous. Akosua says, “You have to be willing to fail, because failure is just an opportunity for you to know that this is not where you are supposed to be.” You have to know WHO you are----not who you THINK you are. Akosua’s message is that you can’t define yourself by what you do for a living or what you own, and don’t ever let your life revolve around things that are fleeting.

TWEET: “Not enoughness” will mash you up! #chasingdreams @akosuadedwards

If people lived in their truth . . .

What if we all lived in our truth? The potential is mind-blowing! Here we are, forcing each other to do certain things and live in certain ways, which only causes people to hide themselves in addictions and so many other things. If we all lived in our truth, social ills would change, people would change, and SO many issues would be eliminated. Besides all of those reasons, whether or not you live in YOUR truth affects your mental health. Akosua shares how she finally learned to honor the voices within herself.

TWEET: Do not be afraid of yourself and spending time with yourself. #chasingdreams @akosuadedwards

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Start it. Stop talking about it. Just start anywhere and stop making excuses----say YES.”

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  • [:32] Akosua’s TED talk topic
  • [4:39] “Not enoughness”
  • [9:22] How to fight against “not enoughness”
  • [11:57] Losing everything----and being OK
  • [15:22] Why you can’t let TV tell you what to value
  • [18:47] Defining what makes you joyful
  • [21:44] If people lived their truth . . .
  • [24:17] No limits on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc.
  • [25:32] How moments of failure make us feel
  • [27:07] How living your truth affects your mental health
  • [33:37] ONE action for a dream chaser


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TWEET: Failure is just an opportunity to know that’s NOT where you should be. #chasingdreams @akosuadedwards

TWEET: I needed to know who I really am and why I am here. #chasingdreams @akosuadedwards



Mar 6, 2019

In honor of women’s history month, today’s show features a previous guest who’s still hard at work chasing her dreams and helping others chase theirs. You can catch her first appearance on Chasing Dreams back in Episode 97.

Elaine Williams has helped hundreds of people with their confidence in front of the camera and in front of audiences. She takes people who are overcome with fear and turns them into confident public speakers, whether they are addressing 5 or 5000. She has 40+ years’ experience in professional performing and TV appearances on shows such as SNL, America’s Got Talent, and HBO. Elaine uses her two degrees in drama to help train her students and clients in their own media appearances. Spots are filling up fast for her next training program, Captivate the Crowd. 

That little voice

Have you heard it? We all have it---”that little voice.” It’s the voice of fear that stops us from moving forward, chasing the dream, and taking the leap. That voice never really goes away, but Elaine can teach people how to manage it. She teaches her clients how to “navigate the critic” by coming from the inside out. Elaine’s focus for performers and public speakers is on the preparation and rehearsal. She says that even veterans have nervousness, but a professional learns to manage it well.

TWEET: Don’t let your fear keep you from chasing your dreams. #chasingdreams

Influencing others

Are you even aware of the effect that living YOUR dream can have on others? Elaine explains why it’s super important to be authentic in your structure and creativity and to celebrate your wins. Elaine learned early on to take the time to journal after every set, show, or speech. She listed three things that worked well and what she could do better next time. This practice helps active learning and maximizes your time and energy. Journaling allows you to see the growth in yourself over time. 

TWEET: Journaling allows you to see the growth in yourself over time. Celebrate yourself! #chasingdreams

Fighting fear

We’ve all felt it---the fear that comes from trying something new or stepping boldly outside our comfort zone. Fear comes in many forms and with many faces, and its companion, limiting beliefs, can work together with fear to trip you up big time. Being really authentic means giving of yourself fully. Elaine says that she would rather work with 8-10 deeply committed people who are ready to work, than with 100 people who are afraid to be authentic. It takes courage in the face of fear to go deeper, but chasing YOUR dreams serves to inspire so many other people.

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Get an accountability buddy who will call you on your stuff. Set up a weekly appointment however your schedule allows.”


  • [:20] Elaine’s life since Episode 97
  • [2:37] How fear freezes people up
  • [6:18] Why the “critic voice” won’t go away
  • [9:06] Nerves---why we always have them
  • [10:34] Living your dreams and influencing others
  • [14:40] How journaling helps your focus
  • [16:49] What holds people back
  • [22:00] Making friends with fear
  • [28:15] Being a conduit for healing
  • [29:45] The dangers of comparison
  • [32:20] No such thing as overnight success
  • [36:05] ONE action for a dream chaser



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TWEET: Stop waiting for your “someday.” #chasingdreams

TWEET: Journal after every set, show, or speech--and list three things that worked well. #chasingdreams

TWEET: My WHY is to use my story for good, to help heal the world with more love, light, and laughter.  #chasingdreams

Feb 27, 2019

What are the “wins” you can look back on in your life? Can you see how to use those for motivation today? Join us for today’s show that focuses on empowerment, career development, and claiming your best life.

Regine Roy is a mental health consultant, speaker, and the president and founder of Queen Geniuses, Inc. Regine delivers a life-changing message to students and professionals about the power of choice on topics like self-assessment, friendships, family, and careers. She is an astute specialist with deep and insightful knowledge on how to create a life on your own terms.

A clear vision

How has your background factored into your life decisions? For Regine, her life path put her on the course to make a difference and be impactful in the world. She grew up in Brooklyn, NY, in a poor family of Caribbean immigrants. A social worker by trade, it was having incredible teachers and mentors in her life that helped her realize that she wanted to work with young women of color to be a positive representation, because so many are growing up in poverty without the resources they need to succeed. 

TWEET: Being a positive representation for young women of color can help them succeed with resources I never had! #chasingdreams

Benefits of having “wins”

What are your “wins”? Regine teaches that the wins over the course of your life can greatly impact your mindset. Those little moments of applause, recognition, and praise give you the acceleration to do MORE. On the flip side, when a young person hasn’t experienced those wins, then it becomes more difficult to push yourself as you get older. Regine recounts how applying for--and securing--her first college scholarship played a big role in her future success.

TWEET: Every win that you celebrate can propel you on to more wins and further acceleration. Praise someone. You have no idea what it will do for them. #chasingdreams

Use the “wins” for motivation today

Can you think back to some of your “wins” in early childhood? Regine can remember some of hers when she was a young girl in school--and people around her believed in her. The problem is that some people have trouble identifying the wins that can push them forward. This is one reason Regine created the Reclaiming Your Throne curriculum for training professionals and students. You never know the impact that just ONE teacher can have on students and their futures. Of course, we know that dreams and discipline are necessary for the future, but are you willing to do the work?

TWEET: You never know the impact that just ONE teacher can have on students and their futures. #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Allow yourself to dream and think about the things that are important to you. Allow your mind to wander as far as you possible can.”


  • [:06} Regine’s undergraduate and Master’s degree years at Stony Brook University
  • [1:50] Queen Geniuses
  • [3:55] What Regine faces in teaching young girls and professionals
  • [5:40] Awareness of resources for young black women
  • [7:55] Regine’s observations about getting that first “win”
  • [12:50] Using wins for motivation now
  • [14:07] Why some don’t let small wins push them forward
  • [16:02] Taking the step to work with professionals
  • [20:35] The effect of ONE teacher
  • [23:13] Regine’s next plan
  • [25:05] How Regine is impacted
  • [28:38] Why people may not aim for their dreams
  • [31:20] Young people today and their dreams of money
  • [33:45] Skillsets needed to chase dreams
  • [36:30] How social media plays into how girls feel about their dreams
  • [39:22] ONE action for a dream chaser


Regine’s Website

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TWEET: I started the conference mainly to expose young women to the resources available to them. #chasingdreams

TWEET: You have to be empowered to have the confidence to take advantage of resources available to you. #chasingdreams

TWEET: My job is to hold space for others. #chasingdreams

Feb 20, 2019

Have you fallen into the trap of saying, “I’ll give my dream a TRY”? Today’s show will expose the negative mindset in that statement and SO many others that keep us from becoming fully committed to chasing the dream that lives within us. Join us to learn more!

Ash Cash is one of the nation’s top personal finance experts. Dubbed “The Hip-Hop Financial Motivator,” he uses a culturally responsive approach in teaching financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Ash is a speaker and the author of seven books. He’s best known for helping people maximize their full potential by giving them the inspiration, tools, and resources needed to live their best life.

Change your money mindset

How important is perspective? It’s the most important factor in determining your mindset, and your mindset will determine your success! Ash grew up in the projects of NYC, witnessing drugs and murders on a regular basis. He rose above all of that to find a career in banking, but he still had a negative attitude about what he could do with his life. The time came when he knew he needed to “switch things up,” so he read books and started practicing how he could change his mindset and his perspective. He learned that you can create any circumstance you want through your mindset, and he’s on a mission to help people change their money mindset and live better lives.

TWEET: If you’re working for praise or criticism, then you’re at the mercy of other people. #chasingdreams @iamashcash

The big misconception about money

Do you think that you “work hard for money”? Ash explains why this is exactly THE WRONG thing to say, because the key is to have your money work for YOU. It’s important to change your perception and be the employer of your money, by creating multiple income streams and residual income. Ash says to allow your money to work for you, and don’t chase after it. There is a direct correlation between serving and doing what you love and financial abundance.

TWEET:  RICH - Realizing I Create Happiness #chasingdreams @iamashcash

Don’t put conditions on your dreams

You might think saying, “I’ll give my dream a shot,” is a good thing to say, but Ash says NO! You were built and designed for your dream. It has to be attainable if it’s something you envisioned, because it’s the essence of who you are. Many people are too afraid of failure to even begin! The key word in dream-chasing is UNTIL. Decide that you’ll chase your dream UNTIL. Be committed and keep going.

TWEET: You’re not a failure if you fail; you’re a failure if you quit. #chasingdreams @iamashcash

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take: “Make the commitment. Don’t ‘test’ or ‘try it out.’ Leave no doubt. There is no other option. Keep going until that dream becomes reality.”


  • [:05] Ash’s high energy personality and positive message
  • [2:45] A moment of realization
  • [5:32] A living example of change
  • [7:02] Why Ash shifted from banking
  • [9:39] How “Little Cash” would laugh at where Ash is today
  • [11:39] An awesome representation and common misconceptions
  • [17:50] Why some people fall short
  • [23:37] When people chase someone else’s dream
  • [28:03] Ash’s books
  • [30:50] What’s next for Ash
  • [36:09] Understanding happiness
  • [39:53] ONE action for a dream chaser


Find books by Ash Cash on  

Ash on Facebook

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TWEET: I realized I could do what I love and merge my passion with profit. #chasingdreams @iamashcash

TWEET: When you’ve seen and experienced a lot, why not show gratitude for life? #chasingdreams @iamashcash

TWEET: Showing gratitude for life just helps you live better.  #chasingdreams @iamashcash

Feb 13, 2019

What’s your perception of the HR department at your job? For most of us, we don’t think of HR as a place we want to go or the people we trust and want to build relationships with. My guest today seeks to change that as she shows us the human side of Human Resources.

Diana George is the founder and president of By George HR Solutions. She has worked with global companies with an international presence, such as Bose and the luxury watch brand, Omega. With her leadership, she was able to put together winning teams that contributed positively to their organizations. Diana maintains that integrity is the most vital and strongest trait of any organization. With over three decades of experience in a career that has encompassed leadership in retail, non-profit, health and wellness, and the private sector, Diana works with companies to realize and strengthen the resources they have in their employees. 

How HR can help

Do you think of the HR department when you need help with something at work? HR can bring people together when it’s done effectively. The real job of HR is to find solutions that fit both employee AND employer---with fairness and justice. Human Resources done right is about taking the side of what’s right and should be done, and NOT taking sides. HR starts in the very beginning of the interview and hiring process and touches all aspects of an employee’s life cycle. “The exciting part of HR is getting to know people.” 

TWEET: HR touches an employee’s career from beginning to end. @ByGeorgeHR #chasingdreams

Solving problems--at work and home

Can HR help you solve problems? HR is not supposed to have all the answers, but to give employees the tools to solve problems for themselves. People will be the same person at home and work, AND they will manifest the same problems in both places. If HR can help you solve a problem at work, then it will be solved in your personal life as well. A growing trend that successful companies are paying attention to is offering resources to help employees be well-adjusted and thriving in ALL areas of life, because “happy employees make productive employees.”

TWEET: HR is your moral compass in business and life. @ByGeorgeHR #chasingdreams

Interview go-to questions

Would you know the right questions to ask in an interview? Diana has had vast experience in this area, and she has two things she asks everyone in an interview to answer: “Tell me about an achievement you are really proud of,” and “If I were to ask your previous supervisor about an area of improvement for you, what would they say?” The answers to these will help an employer know how they can help that person best, and whether they will be a good fit. Employers aren’t looking for perfection, but they want those who can communicate and ask for help when they need it---not those who know everything already.

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take: “Write down your dreams. Putting things in writing makes them more real and puts a plan in place to reach those dreams.”


  • [:50] Diana’s background in HR
  • [1:54] How HR can help the employee
  • [3:13] The biggest misconception about HR
  • [4:39] The path to HR for Diana
  • [7:18] How to help an employee who comes to HR
  • [10:21] Resources to help people
  • [13:26] How people change their perception of their company
  • [14:36] How remote employees perform
  • [17:35] The recommended approach to an interview
  • [22:16] The key to a cultural fit for an employee
  • [23:49] Why people won’t pursue their dreams
  • [25:17] How people learn to chase dreams because of job experience
  • [26:41] How Diana followed her heart and passion
  • [28:01] Why we value the wrong kind of money
  • [29:12] The common mistake employers make
  • [31:12] The common mistake employees make
  • [32:59] ONE action for a dream chaser


Diana on Facebook 

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Diana on LinkedIn 


TWEET: At the end of the day, people don’t work for companies, but they work for other people. @ByGeorgeHR #chasingdreams

TWEET: Happy employees are productive employees. @ByGeorgeHR #chasingdreams

TWEET: Your employees are your greatest brand ambassadors. @ByGeorgeHR #chasingdreams







Feb 6, 2019

Are you sitting on your dream, waiting for things to be “just perfect” before you give it to the world? Today’s show will give you inspiration and motivation to get things moving and put the fear aside. The time is NOW, and the world may waiting anxiously for what YOU have to offer!

Stephen A. Hart is here today. In honor of Black History Month, Stephen returns as a former guest and friend of mine and friend of the show. He is the Chief Creative Officer of Isles Media, LLC. His creations include Brand You Academy and Trailblazers FM. Stephen is also a dynamic speaker on the topics of personal branding, entrepreneurship, and podcasting. His mission is to guide 10,000 people through creating an amazing personal brand over the next 5 years.

How Stephen handles his busy life

Have you ever launched out into something completely brand new? Stephen was brand new at podcasting when he appeared back in Episode 56 in August 2016. He shared with us the tools he used back then that he still relies on today, like Evernote. The need for organization is greater than ever before. Stephen and his wife both work full-time jobs and have two young kids. Being busy, making time for family, and prioritizing mental health are everyday challenges for Stephen. He shares with us why he took an extended break from the podcast last summer and how God’s design for him includes his listening more closely to his body. 

TWEET: Sometimes you have to listen to your body and take a break when you need to. @stephenahart #chasingdreams

Your nugget of wisdom

What have you shared with the world? Stephen’s Brand You Academy was born from the feedback he received as people reached out to him for more each week. He then developed and created the Trailblazers brand, a platform that’s engaging and has built an amazing community. He then saw the need of personal branding help for leaders and entrepreneurs. When he spoke at Podcast Movement on, “Build, Market, and Grow Your Amazing Brand While Still Working a Full-Time Job,” he saw tremendous interest. Stephen realized that his nugget of wisdom was an idea that he needed to give life to and share with the world--without waiting on perfection.

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The important thing to remember

If you’re launching an online course, then you probably wouldn’t jump in before the course is complete. Stephen had to do just that, when he knew he couldn’t wait. He realized his level of understanding of branding and marketing was somewhere between 8-10, and the average person who takes the course is around 0-2. His revelation was that he didn’t have to take people all the way to 10, but needed to get them to 4-5. Sometimes, the most important thing is to jump in and see the progression.

TWEET: Sometimes, the most important thing is to jump in first and then see the progression. @stephenahart #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Take time to write out what you hope to accomplish 30 years from now, and reverse-engineer your way to it.”

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  • [:48] The evolution of Stephen’s dream
  • [3:22] Juggling family, the podcast, and a day job
  • [5:19] Stephen’s Summer Master Class
  • [6:59] Make time for your priorities
  • [8:41] Adding another vertical
  • [13:03] The reception of this topic
  • [17:14] God’s timing and unfolding ideas
  • [18:49] What Stephen thought when he left Podcast Movement in 2018
  • [20:13] The launch of Stephen’s course
  • [24:24] Doing things outside your wheelhouse
  • [27:00] Lessons learned 
  • [30:31] Why authenticity is important
  • [35:47] Grow your own happiness
  • [39:27] Stephen’s mission for the next 5 years
  • [40:04] ONE action for a dream chaser


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TWEET: All those people who are really successful have 24 hours each day, just like us. @stephenahart #chasingdreams

TWEET I finally listened to my body and took a break---and something wonderful came from it. @stephenahart #chasingdreams

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Jan 30, 2019

What’s the greatest gift you can give to someone else? It’s a debatable subject, but what could possibly be more valuable to someone with kidney disease than to receive a kidney from a living donor? Today’s show introduces you to an amazing person with a truly amazing story.

Jason Nothdurft is a friend of mine and a true superhero. He’s a married, 32-year-old police dispatcher with a 2-year-old puppy and his first child due in April. Jason donated his kidney in 2014, and has dedicated much of his free time to advocating on behalf of kidney patients and living organ donors. The saying is true: “Not all superheroes wear capes.” Jason is a remarkable person with a spirit of compassion and sacrifice, and I’m thrilled to share his journey of being an organ donor to highlight this important cause.

Learning from mistakes

What did you want to be as a kid? Police dispatcher is probably not a profession that many people aspire to, and even though it’s not a glamorous job, the dispatchers are the ultimate first responders. They are the first point of contact when people need help in emergency situations. When Jason started out, he admits that he was intimidated by parts of the job and doubted his ability to respond correctly to emergencies. How did he learn? By making mistakes. His lessons to others are that there are always things to learn and ways to improve.

TWEET: We all learn by making mistakes. It’s one of the best ways to improve! @j_nothdurft #chasingdreams

Saying YES and NO

How do you handle the age-old dilemma of when to say YES and when to say NO? For Jason, he learned that he couldn’t focus on all the things he wanted to do--and do them well. In reducing his stress levels, he chose instead to focus on 1-2 things, and even went to his boss and explained that he needed to scale back. These brave decisions can be selfish AND selfless at the same time. Mental health is not openly discussed among law enforcement, but we need to improve on this, remove the stigma, and provide resources.

TWEET: We need to remove the stigma of mental health issues for those in the law enforcement field. @j_nothdurft #chasingdreams

The best sacrifice

Have you ever considered being a living organ donor? Jason stepped in when the stepfather of one of his best friends needed a kidney. Jason was 27 when he made the decision to be tested, along with a small group of seven friends. Jason was the one who matched, so the donation was made in 2014. Jason attributes his willingness to volunteer to growing up in a family of public servants, always learning to help and serve others in the community. To this day, Jason and the recipient remain great friends who celebrate together each January as the anniversary of the surgery rolls around.

TWEET: ”Don’t give up. You’ll face roadblocks. Your dream today may not be the same dream tomorrow.” @j_nothdurft #chasingdreams

ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Don’t give up. You’ll face roadblocks. Your dream today may not be the same dream tomorrow.”

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  • [:35] How Jason envisioned his life when he was young
  • [1:50] How people are satisfied to arrive at atypical jobs
  • [2:55] The intimidation factor of being a dispatcher
  • [4:40] Saying YES and saying NO
  • [7:05] The mental health of first responders
  • [8:17] Having insight to priorities and struggles
  • [10:15] Why we’re harder on ourselves
  • [11:30] How you can give someone else a chance
  • [12:30] The most selfless act of all
  • [13:50] Deciding to donate a kidney
  • [18:20] How Jason hesitated in his decision
  • [19:09] Encouraging others in the cause
  • [22:45] How Jason stayed in his “lane”
  • [25:17] Fears and concerns
  • [28:25] Other organs that can be donated by living donors
  • [29:40] Common misconceptions about living donors
  • [31:25] What Jason would like to see change in the next 5 years
  • [33:15] What Jason would change about his decision
  • [34:12] ONE action for a dream chaser



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TWEET: I don’t feel like I lost anything in being a kidney donor. @j_nothdurft #chasingdreams

TWEET: Being a police dispatcher was never on my career path growing up. @j_nothdurft #chasingdreams

TWEET: At every level of my job, I didn’t learn anything without making a mistake first. @j_nothdurft #chasingdreams

TWEET: It’s impossible to do everything as well as I want to. @j_nothdurft #chasingdreams

Jan 23, 2019

How do you show up in your life? Are you living your best life every day? Today’s show is full of inspiration to help you leave the mundane behind and push yourself to never again accept mediocrity as your normal. 

Scott Mulvaney channels his health-nut, adrenaline-junkie energy into everything he influences. That same energy comes through on his LIVETHEFUEL podcast, which helps fuel your health, business, and lifestyle. Scott focuses on sales and marketing growth, brand strategy, coaching, and consulting solutions to help you control how you exist online. There are very few people as passionate as Scott about living his best life every day. 

Wanting something “different”

Can you look back at specific circumstances in your life and see the lessons learned? For Scott, the life lessons are everywhere as he contemplates his life journey. He was raised in a farm family in NJ that relocated later to PA, where Scott’s family still lives and works in farming today. Scott, however, wanted something different. He never thought he would go to college because school was never easy or comfortable, but then he discovered vocational tech school. He interned at an electronics lab at 17 years old and then learned a tough lesson when he was let go from the lab he built so an adult could be hired to run the lab. 

TWEET: Life lessons are everywhere, so don’t be afraid to look for them in your successes and failures. #chasingdreams

A two-year detour

Scott went on to achieve college degrees in marketing AND psychology, but then something changed. He met a girl from the west coast who aspired to be a Hotshot firefighter. He thought that sounded like an interesting challenge, and said to himself, “What if this is the next phase of my dream?” The training and the concept blew his mind, so in 2010, he went out west and proved himself for two years. Since the Hotshot “season” was only a few months of the year, he spent the other months traveling and making some crazy connections with all kinds of people.

TWEET: What they taught me in school, I don’t use. #chasingdreams


If you’ve ever contemplated doing a podcast, you’ve probably toyed with what you would name your show. Scott had listened to a lot of podcasts as he was busy helping a friend grow her company, but he knew there was something more he was meant to do. For inspiration, he covered a wall with Post-It notes of every keyword that meant something to him. He took the mantra, “Live life to the fullest” and altered it to “Live the fired-up epic life”-----and the acronym FUEL was born. Now, Scott is busy writing a book, for which he plans to donate his proceeds to the families of fallen firefighters. 

TWEET: What if I could write a book and NOT make money from it? #chasingdreams

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Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Kick yourself in your ass. It’s easy to pass the buck, but this is YOUR life, and you have to own it.”


  • [:24] How Scott and I met
  • [2:10] What young Scott wanted to be
  • [11:25] Scott’s college journey--any regrets?
  • [13:40] How psychology and marketing are intertwined
  • [14:17] An interesting detour into firefighting
  • [21:07] How Scott ended up in marketing
  • [26:30] How the wheels of life turned for Scott
  • [27:40] Why LIVETHEFUEL
  • [33:14] Writing a book
  • [38:02] ONE action for a dream chaser


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TWEET: I saw the diversification potential of a marketing degree, so I went with that. #chasingdreams

TWEET: If you’re gonna set a dream, then own it. #chasingdreams

TWEET: Making mistakes is where we reach our full growth potential. #chasingdreams






Jan 16, 2019

What’s the key to making your dream happen?  My guest today explains that the most important part is just to GET STARTED. Jump in and start failing today!

Mathew Passy is a podcast producer consultant at He helps individuals, brands, and small businesses develop, launch, produce, promote, and monetize their podcasts. Mathew hosts the Causepods podcast.

“Why can’t I do this for a job?”

Are you in the same career in which you started? Mathew thought he would have an amazing career in radio, since he started way back in the early 2000’s. He launched his first podcast for the radio station, but podcasts back then weren’t like they are today. When he got laid off from his job, he decided to produce some podcasts, and thought, “Why can’t I do this for a job?” Even though he felt stuck for awhile, he stayed with it and worked hard to grind it out. 

TWEET: If it’s your dream, then it’s YOUR dream, because you know it better than the back of your hand. @mathewpassy #chasingdreams

Podcasting as a career

Entrepreneurship is always risky, and podcasting is not necessarily stable as a career. Mathew had a tough decision to make and it took him awhile to go all in. He wasn’t sure he wanted the rollercoaster ride, but just 1-½ years ago, he focused on podcasting solely. He’s been able to pivot and keep going, even though he’s had his share of panic moments. Ironically, he was able to work part-time as a social media and digital marketing expert for a non-profit---to earn money on the side and build up his podcasting skills.

TWEET: Entrepreneurship is always risky. @mathewpassy #chasingdreams

How you showcase your value

How do you know how to price your services? At first, Mathew was worried about how to price his skills, talents, and time. It turned out, though, that every time he raised his prices, he saw increased business, not less. He believes that people saw how little he was charging and thought he didn’t know what he was doing and wasn’t very good. Very few people said they wouldn’t use his services because they are too expensive. Valuing your services gives credibility to your reputation and lets people know you are serious about your business.

TWEET: Valuing your services gives credibility to your reputation. @mathewpassy #chasingdreams

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Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”If this is something you want to do, start today.”


  • [:45] Our common interest--podcasting
  • [3:45] What young Matt wanted to be
  • [6:21] Why he stayed with his radio job
  • [8:30] Staying with something to explore and try it out
  • [12:06] How podcasting has evolved as a medium
  • [15:30] Making the jump to make a living with podcasting
  • [18:20] A part-time job in social media and digital marketing
  • [21:55] One surprising thing
  • [25:30] Following a dream---regardless
  • [29:36] Don’t forget your people skills!
  • [30:35] There is room for everyone
  • [32:01] Being fearless and “intelligently cautious”
  • [33:40] ONE action for a dream chaser


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TWEET: Podcasting wasn’t even a “thing” when I started out, so it definitely wasn’t on my radar. @mathewpassey #chasingdreams

TWEET: Podcasting allows an unlimited source of content, unlike radio. @mathewpassey #chasingdreams

TWEET: I didn’t want to do on the rollercoaster ride and be dependent on myself. @mathewpassey #chasingdreams




Jan 9, 2019

What were your New Year’s resolutions? Have you kept them? It’s easy to make resolutions, but without a plan, you won’t make it out of January. Perhaps you’ve already failed your resolution, and that’s OK! It’s OK if you’ve given up; just try again with a different mindset in place. Let’s talk about three practices to take with you into 2019.

Change your perspective/change your life

Are you a negative person by nature? If you are, then try being a “glass half-full” person. Don’t let your gut reaction be negative. Think about the positives and be grateful---even for the smallest and simplest things. Be grateful for the mistakes and failures you encounter, because those are the things that teach us to do better!

TWEET: Be grateful for the mistakes and failures you encounter, because those are the things that teach us to do better! #chasingdreams

Embrace your fears

What are your biggest fears, and how do they hold you back? I’m setting some personal goals to face and embrace two of my biggest fears this year. For me, a big fear is being in front of a video camera, so I’m doing a 31-day video challenge in which I’m sharing 31 lessons that I’ve learned and want to give back. Check out my one minute videos at #31vidchallenge! I’m finding that being the face in front of the camera is very different than being the voice behind the mic! I’m also embracing my fear of heights this year, in very specific and terrifying ways. Imagine what’s possible if you don’t let fear stop your progress!

TWEET:  Imagine what’s possible if you don’t let fear stop your progress! #chasingdreams

Don’t chase the money

Do you know WHY you’re doing what you’re doing? You don’t if you’re chasing the money. Your WHY is the most important thing---not the money. Some people live their best life on a $12K salary, and some live their worst life on a six-figure salary. Chase your WHY and figure out your happy place. You have to be happy for YOU---not for others. You are enough!

TWEET: Your WHY is the most important thing---not the money. #chasingdreams


  • [:13] Welcome to 2019!
  • [1:05] It’s OK if you’ve failed; change your perspective
  • [4:37] Embrace your fears
  • [7:03] 2019--your behind-the-scenes look at Chasing Dreams recordings
  • [7:29] Embracing the fear of heights
  • [10:47] Don’t chase the money!
  • [14:37] Life isn’t defined by your job
  • [17:01] If you struggle with “enough-ness” . . . .



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TWEET: Fear holds us back from living our best life. #chasingdreams

TWEET: Being a voice behind the mic is one thing; being the face in front of the camera is another. #chasingdreams

TWEET: Chase what makes you happy, and the money will follow. #chasingdreams

TWEET: Change your impossible to probable! #chasingdreams

Jan 2, 2019

What’s possible when you step outside your comfort zone, push the limits, and refuse to let anything hold you back? As you might imagine, the sky’s the limit! Today’s guest has proven at a young age that chasing a dream can be satisfying and fulfilling beyond your wildest imagination. 

Sarika Mehta appeared way back in Episode 29 of Chasing Dreams, almost three years ago. She’s part of a new feature for 2019, in which I’ll check in with a previous guest about once a month, and we’ll see how the dream-chase is progressing. When we last spoke with Sarika, she was an 18-year-old student at the Culinary Institute of America. Today, she’s graduated with an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Business Management, with a concentration in Wine, Beverage, and Hospitality Studies. Sarika has found a love for hospitality as a whole, not just in creating dishes for people to enjoy, but in interacting with guests during their entire experience. Fascinatingly, Sarika received an email during the recording of this conversation about a job she had interviewed for and was offered a position as Food and Beverage Manager-in-Training with the Four Seasons Hotel in Denver.

Changing Directions

Do you have the guts to change directions when you need to? Sarika had spent much time and education in learning kitchen skills, but then she discovered the broader field of hospitality, learning to “speak two languages.” She found that she enjoyed the art of managing, which means taking the responsibility for the kitchen and the dining room working together fluently. Communication is the key to prevent a disconnect in the hospitality arena. Sarika says the important thing is to find what YOU love to do, no matter what path others around you are choosing.

TWEET: I like having the freedom to take advantage of opportunities that come my way. #chasingdreams

New Year, New Aspirations

How do you feel when the job you’ve longed for just lands at your feet? As we were recording this conversation, Sarika received an email notification that the job she wanted and had just interviewed for was hers. She will start in February as a manager-in-training at the Four Seasons Hotel in Denver. She enjoys the opportunity to rotate through different parts of the property and guest services operations to learn about a large scale operation. This new opportunity is a huge step where Sarika plans to experience lots of self-growth, new challenges, and more independence as her career advances.

TWEET: Get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to get out of your bubble. #chasingdreams

Thriving in the face of challenges

How do you learn to be independent in a new role in a new place? Sarika had to learn this skill when she lived and worked in Boston and didn’t know anyone there. Her advice is to surround yourself with what makes you feel comfortable, but not to be afraid to go, explore, and experience new things and new places. She calls it “being a tourist in your hometown.” It’s true that we take the things for granted that exist all around us, and we often don’t experience them until guests come to visit. In 2019, determine to explore and tour what’s around you, because you don’t need an excuse! 

TWEET: If you’re afraid of failing, then you will. #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Don’t be scared or nervous. Leave something old to pursue something new that’s your passion. Throw caution to the wind and take the risk. Don’t be afraid to fail---or you will.”



  • [:12] Revisiting and catching up on new developments
  • [1:36] How new experiences opened up for Sarika
  • [3:22} Choosing balance
  • [5:00] Figuring out the best track for YOU
  • [6:52] What we can expect next for Sarika
  • [9:44] Bucket list opportunities
  • [12:07] Continuing education opportunities for the future
  • [13:34] Would Sarika do a Food Network reality show?
  • [18:43] What Sarika wants for the new year--and then a job offer
  • [20:14] Learning to be independent
  • [23:04] Explore your hometown and learn to be a tourist
  • [27:03] Something Sarika wants to try
  • [31:20] ONE action for a dream chaser


Sarika on Instagram

Sarkia on LinkedIn


TWEET: I enjoyed learning to be “the bridge” between the kitchen and guest, and seeing the WOW moment. #chasingdreams

TWEET: Regret is a powerful drug that can hold you back. #chasingdreams

Dec 19, 2018

As we approach the end of 2018, have you spent any time reflecting on your year? On this, the last episode of the year, we’re spending some time reflecting on 2018, which was filled with the loss of many wonderful people. As much as we look back, though, it’s also a time to look forward to what’s coming up in 2019.

Some good things about 2018

What moves have you made in 2018? One thing I did was to move back to Baltimore, allowing me to be closer to my family, which is a good thing. I’ve also found a work-life balance that works for me. I took a trip to India and truly learned how to relax and be “in the moment”---and unplug. I had several nieces and cousins get married this year. Concerning the podcast, we hit 150 episodes this year and exceeded 150,000 downloads, which is utterly amazing! As we look ahead, think about the next phase for you and how you can improve.

TWEET: “Life is figuring out who you are---and owning it.” #chasingdreams

My top five lessons learned in 2018

What lessons have you learned this year? I want to share my Top Five, starting with #5: Get help. You don’t have to do it all yourself. People are ready and willing to help. #4: Find your voice and your vision. The world needs YOU and your uniqueness. #3: Embrace your fears. For me, it’s my fear of heights, so I have plans in place to face that fear in 2019. #2: Prioritize mental health. Negative influences can affect your life in bad ways. #1: YOU are what’s important. Each person is unique, distinct, and important.

TWEET: “Don’t let fear hold you back from your greatness.” #chasingdreams

Find YOUR value

Do you know how you affect the people around you? As a twin, I had to learn that no one person is more important than another, no matter what your status in life. Your light that shines out has an effect on all the people around you. Your story has a ripple effect that you don’t even realize. Don’t be the person your parents want you to be, but live YOUR life and be true to that.

TWEET: “I truly learned how to relax and vacation this year.” #chasingdreams


  • [1:00] Reflecting on the past year and some of the tough losses
  • [3:05] Amazing things from 2018
  • [5:28] Learning how to relax
  • [9:32] Embracing new things with clarity
  • [11:40] Lessons learned, beginning with Get help
  • [16:04] Find YOUR voice
  • [18:34] Embrace your fears
  • [23:55] The importance of mental health
  • [33:34] YOU are what’s important


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TWEET: “I learned to truly savor and enjoy the moment I was in.” #chasingdreams

TWEET: “I wish more people could experience that feeling of tranquility and calm.” #chasingdreams

Dec 12, 2018

Mental health---we all want it, but how do we get it and keep it? How is it connected to physical health? What should I do if I know something is wrong, but I don’t know where to go for help? Why is there so much stigma around the admission that I may need therapy or medications? Most people have had to face these questions at some point, but coming out on the “other side” is different, and using the struggle and triumph of our own weaknesses can bring hope and healing to others. My guest today has “been there,” and he’s here to share advice, wisdom, and answers.


Anthony Hayes had lived in the darkness of anxiety and depression for years, up until a decade ago. He has since become an author, podcaster, blogger, and most importantly, a father. He’s a good friend and I’m excited for you to meet Anthony!


Be selfish


Do you make time for yourself? If you aren’t healthy and taking care of yourself, then you can’t help others. It comes down to the familiar “airline oxygen mask on yourself first,” before you look to help someone else. Many people make the mistake of trying to help others without taking care of themselves. Taking care of ourselves gets lost in the shuffle of life. Anthony’s advice is to make the time for yourself, whatever that means for you. You deserve it!


TWEET: “Make the time for yourself, whatever that means for you. You deserve it!” @ahayes_mmi


What to do when you feel “off”


Would you have the courage to seek help if you knew you were mentally unwell? For Anthony, there wasn’t a major event or trigger, but he just woke up one day and felt “off.” He knew he needed professional help, so he arranged to see a doctor. He wrote his book as a therapy session for himself, when he dealt with major depressive disorder, ADHD, and insomnia. He says you have to WANT to change and find the balance, motivation, and medications that will work for you. It’s a long journey that requires daily maintenance.


TWEET: “You have to WANT to change and find the balance, motivation, and medications that will work for you.” @ahayes_mmi


Living with depression


How many people around you are dealing with a diagnosed depressive disorder? You probably don’t know, because there are people all around us who live fully functioning lives--in spite of battling depression. Most of us assume that a mental health issue is debilitating and will keep someone from living life daily, but that’s not the case. We all need to realize that our mental health has an effect on our loved ones around us--it’s not just about me. Anthony copes with his down days in ways he has found to be successful for him, and the dark days are less frequent now than they used to be. He finds healing in writing and music, and now uses his experiences to reach out and help others.


TWEET: “There are people all around us who live fully functioning lives--in spite of battling depression.” @ahayes_mmi


Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Create small habits every single day that will propel you to bigger attainable goals and habits. Integrate those into your daily life. Don’t be stagnant, but keep trying new things.”




  • [:31] Why I wanted Anthony on the show
  • [1:23] Looking at your vibes here at the end of 2018
  • [2:25] A new year and a new chance
  • [5:15] Finding time to be selfish
  • [8:15] A selfish move for Anthony
  • [10:00] Anthony’s experience with mental health
  • [13:20] Finding self-realization
  • [14:46] Constant maintenance of mental health
  • [16:00] It’s OK to admit that you need help
  • [18:39] Why mental health resources are so important
  • [22:44] Advocates for mental health
  • [24:07] Living life with depression
  • [26:51] Seeing the physical effects of mental illness
  • [27:59] Getting help for mental health for YOU
  • [29:55] Shining the light of positivity and survival
  • [34:55] ONE action for a dream chaser




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The Science of Being: Surviving Depression by Anthony Hayes


National Alliance on Mental Illness:  




TWEET: Blame whoever you want, as long as it’s not yourself. @ahayes_mmi #chasingdreams


TWEET: Everybody needs a refresher and a do-over every now and then. @ahayes_mmi #chasingdreams


TWEET: Your physical health affects your mental health, and vice versa. @ahayes_mmi #chasingdreams


TWEET: Making time for yourself is really important. Be selfish. @ahayes_mmi #chasingdreams


TWEET: If your brain doesn’t work right, then your body won’t work right. It’s science. @ahayes_mmi #chasingdreams

Dec 5, 2018

We all know that dreams can change over time, as we gain clarity and wisdom with the experience that comes from successes and failures. My guest today readily admits that he had the wrong perspective just a few years ago, and it was only when he changed his approach that things fell into place. Join us to see how he found the right path to his most important dreams.

Alex Barker is no stranger to this podcast. He appeared way back in Episode 12, in 2015. Go back and take a listen if you haven’t heard our first conversation. Today, Alex has changed a lot of things in his life in chasing his dreams. He’s sharing with us how far he’s come, how the dream has changed, and how his chase has become different from the mishmash of distraction that it used to be.

What Alex has learned

Have you felt distracted and torn between the things you want to accomplish? Alex did a 66-day experiment and learned a lot about himself and his dreams. One lesson he learned was that he only has a certain amount of time each week to put toward his dream. He sometimes felt a lack of dedication and focus as his attention was diverted in many directions. Overall, he felt disappointed in where he was and felt like he should have been further along. Someone asked him what was stopping him, and he realized how his attention had been going in too many directions. He gave himself an 18-month ultimatum to make the progress he expected of himself.

TWEET: I felt trapped in the sense that I could never really say what was on my mind, for fear of consequences. #chasingdreams

Becoming debt free

Have you dreamed of being debt free? Most everyone has at some point, but have you taken definitive steps to make it happen? Alex took classes on finances and learned about investing, because he wanted to become debt free as quickly as possible. He and his wife lived off one paycheck each month and used the other to pay down their debt. He negotiated with his employer to help pay off his student loans and he made a plan to pay off their mortgage in just 3 years. It took a combination of disciplined living (it was NOT fun!) and using his business wisely to pay off the debts and fund their desired lifestyle.

TWEET: There’s no such thing as a failed experiment--only feedback. #chasingdreams

The future for Alex

What’s next in YOUR future? Alex has some magnificent things happening in his future. He’s working on a book that he hopes will come out in a few months. It’s called Indispensable, and is about creating a fulfilling career in the world of pharmacy. He’s also looking to host an online summit soon. His desire is to constantly show people that there are other paths, mainly because of the miserable people who are in the pharmacy business. Burnout is common and suicide rates are high. Alex has a heavy burden to help these people who are broken.

TWEET: Working for myself has completely changed my week and how I spend my time. #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”If you have a dream, pick a date on which you will decide to either continue doing this or give it up entirely. Pick a goal or a deadline, and the rest will happen, or it won’t.”


  • [:10] What’s happened in Alex’s life since 2015
  • [3:32] Failures--feedback in disguise
  • [13:40] Becoming debt free
  • [17:33] The possibilities with discipline and a plan
  • [19:34] The power in writing out your plans and dreams
  • [21:06] How Alex’s life has changed since 2015
  • [22:58] What was holding Alex back
  • [28:04] What we can expect from Alex in the future
  • [31:34] The importance of Alex’s work
  • [33:10] ONE action for a dream chaser


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TWEET: Having a deadline gives you a date by which to accomplish your dream--or give it up. #chasingdreams

TWEET: So many dreams don’t happen because we don’t put constraints on ourselves. #chasingdreams


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